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Joint Financial Intelligence Unit Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau

Online Functions for Money Service Operators (MSOs)

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    • Apply for MSO Licence
    • Apply for renewal MSO Licence
    • Apply for Approval in respect of Persons Proposing to become Licensee's Partners / Directors / Ultimate Owners
    • Apply to add New Premises for Money Service
    • Periodic Return for Statement of Transactions
    • Enquire about application status
    • Re-submit supporting documents
Latest News
  • 29/05/2017
    On 5 June 2017, the Money Service Supervision Bureau (MSSB) of Customs and Excise Department will be moved to Units 1218 – 1222, 12/F, Nan Fung Commercial Centre, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon. For enquiry, please call the MSSB at (852) 2707 7837 or by fax (852) 2707 7838.

    With effect from 21 March 2017, computers with operating system version Windows XP will no longer be supported for accessing the Money Service Operators Licensing System.

    On 28 August 2015, the Customs and Excise Department will introduce a mobile version of the Online Register of Licensees which enables the public to check information of the Money Service Operator Licensees through their mobile devices.

    On 30 September 2012, the Money Service Operators Licensing System commences to provide comprehensive electronic services. The features include user-friendly online applications for the grant/renewal of money service operator licence, addition of directors/ultimate owners/partners or new business premises, submission of periodic returns; online enquiry of application result/progress and inspection of the register of licensees.

    The CCE has authorized officers in this department to process MSO licence applications, conduct compliance inspection and investigation on the MSOs in connection with requirements under the AMLO.

    The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance, Chapter 615 (AMLO) came into operation on 1 April 2012. Under the AMLO, a person who wishes to operate a remittance and / or money changing service (i.e. money service as defined under the AMLO) is required to apply for a licence from the Commissioner of Customs & Excise (CCE). Operating a money service without obtaining a money service operator licence from the CCE is an offence and liable to conviction of a fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for six months. Under the AMLO, the CCE is the relevant authority to regulate Money Service Operators (MSOs) (i.e. Remittance Agents and Money Changers) and supervise licensed MSOs' compliance with the customer due diligence and record-keeping obligations and other licensing requirements, as well as combating unlicensed operation of money service.

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